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Philip is the King(sley) of Hair and Scalp Health

Originally developed by Philip Kingsley for the US Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team, Swimcap’s formula is both a summer savior and a must-have for swimmers – professional and recreational. Containing UV protection, Swimcap protects hair against the damaging effects of the sun, which lead to hair breakage and color fading, making it a beach holiday essential for healthy, beautiful hair. It also protects against the drying and damaging effects of both chlorinated and salt water, as well as discoloration from swimming pool water. Swimcap deeply conditions your hair as you wear it, leaving it in better condition than before. Finer hair types may worry about the conditioning element, but due to its unique formulation, Swimcap washes out without leaving hair heavy or greasy. Suitable for all hair types as well as color treated hair.

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